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On the back of each bag of C&F coffee is written the phrase “ The perfect number disguise the secret of taste”, which means that good coffee is not the outcome of accident. The basic path in which we secure the quality of our products is through education of our staff and management, our clients, and all the people who are interested in the coffee philosophy.

We believe that everyone who works in the chain of coffee distribution from the field to the retail shops need to be well trained, informed, and careful in approach to coffee as a product, and only in that way we can track and secure the quality of the coffee in the cups of our clients. Coffee comes to us from all sorts of faraway places in the world, and numerous climatal conditions: altitude, average temperature, adequate exposure to sun, enough rainfall, healthy, mineral rich soil are all very important factors which have to be fulfilled for growth of exquisite, specialty beans of coffee. If we follow the equator along the globe, and look for the points south and north of it, in the region of tropics at 1200-2000m altitude, we will find the places where the coffees of greatest quality are grown.

C&F coffees, blends for espresso and various brewed preparations, as well as single origin coffees are the outcome of the long work of connoiseurs in the field of specialty coffees. In order to be recognized as specialty, coffee need to be grown and selected in the fields in which coffees are treated with the highest technical achievements, according to the innovative technological methods, where the main focus in the trade, are quality and social responsibility.

The basic principle when selecting the coffees for C&F blends are international reviews of the tasters, CoE ranking, Fair Trade certification and constant cupping and tasting of all sorts of coffees from the various countries and plantations and their attentive analysis.

Our coffees from South and Central America, Africa, Indonesia, India are all specialty coffees and some of the finest coffees which can be found on the market. Furthermore, all of our coffees are carefully chosen every season, since coffees from the same country and same plantations can show different characteristics in the taste and quality depending on climatal conditions during the season and technical methods of processing the coffee.

Transport and storing of green coffee, roasting profiles, their continual development, packaging, and the choice of moment when the certain coffee should be in the coffee shops ready for the end user, are all the set of carefully created elements which eventually outcomes with the quality in the cups of our coffee. Work in progress, we believe it is our mission and main assignment.

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