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Cafe & Fun: Between myth and reality

There are thousands of ways to enjoy coffee, and each of us has its unique, original way. But, still, we will all agree in one, that coffee is something more than just a drink. It has its history. Earlier, it was a well kept, secret plant used as a drug or a stimullative for the privileged, and today it is a way of life. In various books about coffee and its popularization, it is likely to find far more legends than the historic facts about it.

It is interesting that the word coffee is similar in all the languages, and we suppose that it derives from the two ideas: region of Kaffa, from where the plant originates, and the word “kaweh” which means “to stimulate”.

Later, it was discovered that the coffee, as the wild plant, could be found in other countries, as well. In the year 1843, the “liberica” coffee plant was discovered in Liberia, which, nowdays, is not in the commercial use. In 1860, the coffee “canephora” today known as “robusta” was discovered in Uganda.

And, here are a few more suggestions about the origin of the word “coffee”:

  1. Kaffa? A province in Ethipia where it was first discovered
  2. Kaaba? The holy building in Mecca.
  3. Kavus Kai?A Persian king who was able to defy gravity and levitate by drinking coffee.
  4. Kahwe? Meaning “roasted” in Turkish
  5. Cahouah? A hunger curing drink in Arabic
  6. Cohuet? Meaning strength or vigour in Arabic

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