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According to a recent study by the American Medical Association, there are several good reasons to drink coffee:

  1. It improves long term memory
  2. Caffeine acts as a mild bronchodilator for those with breathing problems
  3. It is a mild diuretic which helps keep your kidneys stone free!
  4. Regular drinkers of coffee are 30% less prone to Parkinson's disease and asthma.
  5. Coffee is the great ally in fight against celullite

Coffee, since it contains caffeine which boosts the circulation, is the main substance of anti-cellulite creams and ointments. Caffeine is helping the dissolving of fat cells which are forming the characteristic “orange peel” skin look, and in the same time fastens the metabolism and the lymph flow, which greatly reduces the skin podbuhlost.

In the process of fighting the cellulite, you can use the certain amount of ground coffee and add it to a normal shower gel (which, if possible, should be peeling shower gel against cellulite). After that,  spread the mixture over the “attacked” areas and with the round movements massage the areas at least few minutes. After that, you wash everything and shower the areas with hot and cold water in alteration. Even more useful could be if the massage is done with a massage glove or a brush. Remember though, in order to achieve the good effect, you have to use the real coffee (and not just mixture of this and that)!

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