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Welcome to Cafe&Factory

The concept idea, to enable the consumers to buy the coffee directly in the factory, and to enable them to taste and drink freshly roasted coffee on that very spot, prepared according to the highest standards of the coffee industry, was launched in Switzerland in 2005. and a few years later followed the first square mile project of Café&Factory in Serbia.

In June 2007., the first Serbian C&F opened its door to public in the small, hidden street in the center of Belgrade. At that time, we were simply hoping to bring fine, fresh-roasted coffee to the homes of our consumers with the help of one small roaster, new up-to-date equipment and well trained staff who were ready to inform the clients of all the finesses and differences in the approach to coffee, as a product, which we then brought to this region. Since then C&F has evolved considerably, counting 5 retail stores, and hoping to have many more in the future time.

In our coffee shops, you can expect to find the remarkable coffees in all its forms: selection of single origin whole bean coffees, house blend for traditional preparation, various approaches to brewed, and carefully prepared as espresso blends. Furthermore, in our wide offer of espresso based drinks, it is hard not to find something to suit everyone’s taste. Our goal is simple, to provoke the curiosity about the coffee, to learn and progress constantly, we want great coffee to be revered and accessible, to taste it in all sorts of ways and to illuminate all the things possible with coffee, and by doing so, we hope to change forever how you think about the coffee. And, that would be great for a start.

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