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Cafe&Factory5: Kraljice Marije 1

In October, 2010. “Cafe&Factory5” , the fifth coffee shop was opened, and the number 5 being the result of false numbering, on purpose.  In this store you can find the whole factory line of high-end machinery for grinding and packaging the ground coffee. This small factory enables that the house blend coffee of the greatest quality is accessible to customers at the most competitive prices.

In the other part, much wider space is dedicated to the service part of this cafeteria. Menu card contains at least thirty products of coffee based drinks, non-alcoholic beverages, cakes, smoothies and sandwiches, though, many of our customers are coming on regular basis just for espresso coffee and espresso based drinks. The espresso served in our cafeterias is fresh- roasted and packed specialty coffee blend of delicate chocolate flavor, full bodied and well balanced in the cup.

Here, at “Cafe&Factory” we pay attention to every detail about coffee, interior design, ambience, service and constant quality control, so it’s not a coincidence that our customers are coming back on regular basis.


Kraljice Marije 1, Belgrade

Phone: 0653675644

Working hours: 08:00-23:00

Coffee shop working hours: 08:00-20:00, sat-sun: 08:00-15:00

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