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Cafe&Factory2: Svetog Save 43

Yet another ideal and refreshing place for coffee lovers is “Cafe&Factory 2”, situated just across the St.Sava Temple, at the corner of Kataniceva street and St.Sava street (at Svetog Save 43). The large windows gives you the opportunity to take a look at the church and the park near, soft leather armchairs and sofas help to create a positive space in which to relax.
Serviettes and  various types of sugar and sugar substitutes are available to every guest, newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, as well,  and there is a 'no smoking' area.

Music is another important ingredient of the two cafeterias. We seek for soft and mellow music in the morning, while the afternoon picks up the tempo with some jazz and international beats.

“Cafe&Factory” seek out people who are customer oriented, with warmth and a positive outlook on life. The aim is to provide the excellence in each cup of coffee, to offer good, fresh, quality food in an inviting atmosphere, served by well-trained, educated but yet friendly waiters and baristas.

The drink card offers the large range of coffees divided into categories: classic coffee drinks(espresso, ristretto,macchiato, cappuccino), creamy coffees (Latte Macchiato, in several versions, Marakesh, Mocha, Mochaccino...), creamy coffees with alcohol( Cool Passion, Grand Caffe Flambe, Tia Caffe, Galliano's Hot Flower...) The offer also includes yoghurts and smoothies enriched with fruit, honey, cereals, while for the evening relaxation there is a large offer of international cocktails.

The product, staff and atmosphere make “Cafe&Factory” a place where customers feel comfortable meeting friends and business partners on coffee, working on the computer, grabbing a bite of lunch or just relaxing on their own reading the paper.


Svetog Save 43, Belgrade

Phone: 0653675642

Working hours: 08:00-23:00


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