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NEW: Cafe&Factory11: Ščerbinova str.2

C&F is very excited to announce the opening of our new store located at Ščerbinova 2, Banovo Brdo by the end of February!! So, we are, literally climbing…….the Hill.

This small, but cozy retail space will bring you a wide range of coffee selection, starting with our famous House blend, but including many more coffee beans from all over the tropic region. We are still committed to find and offer you the best coffees available at the market.

Besides that, here you will be able to enjoy in our wide espresso-based drinks selection, all kinds of alternative coffee brewing, as well as the large assortment of “single origin” brews.

Your continued loyalty and support is truly appreciated, thus,  we chose  the location that you have waited for a long time and we kindly welcome you in our new store!

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