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Factory line

In our factory line, there are several semi-automated machines. First comes the sylo, in which the freshly roasted whole bean- coffee is vaccumed through the pneumatic system, and then, in the same way, the coffee is being transferred into the grinder, which grinds the coffee to the fine grind, for house-blend preparation. Tthe coffee is transported into the the packaging machine afterwards . All this way, the coffee is protected from oxygen and any environmental influence, since all the chain until the packaging machine is a completely closed, protected area system.

After the packaging machine, there comes a sealing machine and the labelling machine, which, in the same time, sends the sygnal to the software and the full billing data are transfered into the customer’s bill.

Coffee is always ground according to demand, so the ground coffee is never in the hopper of the packaging machine (which is the protected area, as well) for too long, so our customers are fully assured that they have bought freshly roasted and ground coffee, which is unique at this market.

The complete, small factory, and the production line is being exposed in front of the customer’s eyes, because our company believes, that the only way to truly understand coffee quality is to be transparent, to protect and connect every step in the chain of operations with what comes out at the cupping table, freshly roasted and ground, tasty coffee.

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