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Cafe&Factory8: Kataniceva 22

C&F has been hard-working to create and improve a new retail space (another one in front of St.Sava Temple), in Kataniceva 22, in a fresh and revived way , both in architectural and ambience  sense. 

The space is designed in a way to emphasize the social character of coffee, where clients can sit comfortably and communicate with the baristas who prepare the different espresso based drinks, and other alternative ways to brew coffees such as: V-60, Chemex, cold-drip, syphone …it’s all there, available at the open-space bar.

Besides that, the space is multi-layered, divided in a few levels, which are the mixture of modern, industrial design, and progressive ambience solutions with all the forms of natural materials.

But, most importantly, you can try the specialty coffees here, prepared in many alternative ways, and also, in a coffee-shop part of this retail space, you can buy all these coffees as a bean or ground according to your preference for home, office or your own coffee-shop use.


Katanićeva 22, Belgrade

Working hours: Mon-Sun: 08:00h- 23:00h

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