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Cafe&Factory3: Jurija Gagarina 32a

 “Cafe&Factory3” is located in New Belgrade, Jurija Gagarina street 32a and represents the third retail store of C&F chain of cafeterias.  Interior design differs a little bit from the previous two, since the glass is dominating the space, and there are plenty of light, and depth given by the mirrors’ reflections. That game of lights and shadows is emphasized by the gallery which is reserved for the non-smokers.

Our products, staff and ambience make this coffee shop, a place in which the customer is always very welcome, while drinking coffee with friends and business partners, working on computer, or simply relaxing over the newspapers, coffee and music. At “Cafe&Factory” we are dedicated to be the place where you will feel comfortable and to make your coming to us a daily, weekly, or occasional routine.


Jurija Gagarina 32a, Belgrade

Phone: 0653675643

Working hours: 08:00-23:00

Coffee shop working hours: 08:00-20:00, sat-sun: 08:00-15:00

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